University of Mississippi

Requirements for Cinema Minor

Cinema Director: Alan Arrivée, Theatre Arts

Cinema is at the heart of a growing international, interdisciplinary interest in media studies. A minor in Cinema will give students the critical vocabulary and perspective with which to analyze motion pictures within larger artistic, cultural, historical, political, linguistic, and global contexts, as well as provide a greater understanding of and hands-on experience with cinema production, including screenwriting, acting, directing, producing, cinematography, and editing. Because of the variety of cinema content, analysis, technology, and distribution a Cinema minor would complement almost any major.

The Cinema minor is an interdisciplinary minor consisting of 18 credit hours, including:

  • THEA 250 Introduction to Cinema Production
  • ENG 310 Introduction to Cinema Studies
  • 12 elective hours including at least 3 hours of cinema production courses and at least 3 hours of cinema studies courses.

Beginning in Spring 2017, the requirements for the Cinema minor will be as follows:

  • Students must complete 6 hours from the category of cinema production courses and 6 hours from the category of cinema studies courses. Though no specific courses are required, some upper level courses may require prerequisites.

Students who will graduate in Spring 2017, or later may use the new requirements.


  1. The same course may not satisfy requirements for both a major and a minor.
  2. Students who complete relevant internships, study abroad courses, or special topics courses will consult with the Cinema Director prior to enrollment in the course for approval and to determine the appropriate category for the course.

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