University of Mississippi

THEA 308 Acting for the Screen II (Wilson)

Advanced study in acting for the screen through readings, screenings, and on-camera performance.

THEA 305 Screenwriting I (Arrivee)

Introduction to the fundamentals of screenwriting with emphasis on character development and structure.

THEA 354 Directing for the Screen I (Arrivee)

This course is an introduction to the theory and practice of directing for the screen through readings, screenings, discussion, and motion picture production.

THEA 250 Film Production I (Witt)

This course will introduce students to professional equipment, techniques, and set protocol for single-camera narrative film production while working in small groups to create a series of short films.

PORT 361 Brazilian Cinema (Bussade)

Study of the evolution of Brazilian cinema through selected films to explore the nature and development of contemporary Brazilian aesthetics and culture.

REL 386 Religion and Film (Forrest)

This course explores religious issues through the visual narrative of film. Methodologies from film studies and religious studies are utilized to analyze such themes as tragedy and suffering, truth and justice, beauty and love, sacrifice and redemption in domestic and international cinema.

Myth, folklore and ethics in Indian film

ENGL 310 Introduction to Cinema Studies (Duck)

This course is an overview of cinema history and an introduction to the study of cinema form and criticism. It is a lecture course with weekly film showings.

THEA 463 Writing from Stage to Screen (Arrivée)

This course provides students with a working knowledge of the fundamentals of playwriting and screenwriting within the overall theatre and filmmaking processes with emphasis on character development and structure.

THEA 460 Cinematography II (Witt)

This course is a continuation of Introduction to Cinematography and is dedicated to deepening the student’s understanding of how to master control over image production in digital formats. The goal is to gain control over image production in practical situations.

THEA 450 Editing II (Pirani)

Advanced study of nonlinear editing for narrative motion pictures with emphasis on audio processing, motion graphics, color grading, and color correction.