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Cinema is at the heart of a growing international, interdisciplinary interest in media studies.
A minor in Cinema will give students the critical vocabulary and perspective with which
to analyze motion pictures within larger artistic, cultural, historical, political, linguistic, and
global contexts, as well as provide a greater understanding of and hands-on experience with
cinema production, including screenwriting, acting, directing, producing, cinematography, and
editing. Because of the variety of cinema content, analysis, technology, and distribution a Cinema minor would complement almost any major.

The Cinema minor is an interdisciplinary minor consisting of 18 credit hours. Students must complete 6 hours from the category of cinema production courses and 6 hours from the category of cinema studies courses.

NOTE: THEA 202 (Introduction to Cinema) may not be used as an elective class toward the Cinema Minor.


CINE 201. Cinema Survey I

CINE 202. Cinema Survey II

CINE 396. Festival Programming

CHIN 361. Chinese Cinema

ENG 310. Introduction to Cinema Studies

ENG 311. Studies in Cinema/Media Genres

ENG 312 Studies in Cinema/Media History

ENG 313/MLLL 361. Introduction to World Cinema

ENG 314 The Cinematic South

ENG 386/G ST 386. Gender on Film

ENG 411. Special Topics in Cinema/Media Studies

ENG 412. Special Topics in Cinema/Media Theory, History

ENG 413. Special Topics in Media/Cultural Studies

ENG 414 Special Topics in the Cinematic South

ENG 427. Shakespeare on Film

FR 361. French and Francophone Cinema

FR 399. Special Topics in Film

GERM 361. German Cinema

G ST 386/ENG 386. Gender on Film

HIS 347. Topics in Film and History

HIS 389. Samurai and Cinema

ITAL 361. Italian Cinema

MLLL 302. China through Literature and Film

MLLL 361/ENGL 313. Introduction to World Cinema

PORT 361. Brazilian Cinema

REL 386. Religion and Film

RUSS 361. Russian Cinema

SPAN 361. Cinema in Spanish

SPAN 561. Advanced Topics in Cinema in Spanish*

S ST 534. Studies in Documentary Field Work*

THEA 323. Film and Aristotle

* Graduate course available for undergraduate enrollment with permission of the instructor.


ART 384. Digital Video I

ART 484. Advanced Digital Video

ART 584. Digital Video

ENG 304. Screenwriting Workshop

ENG 403. Advanced Screenwriting Workshop

THEA 203. Drama in Film

THEA 204. Comedy in Film

THEA 250. Film Production I

THEA 252. Film Production II

THEA 261. Sound Design for Cinema I

THEA 305. Introduction to Screenwriting

THEA 307. Acting for the Screen I

THEA 308. Acting for the Screen II

THEA 350. Editing I

THEA 352. Producing for Film

THEA 354. Directing for the Screen I

THEA 355. Advanced Film Production I

THEA 356. Advanced Film Production II

THEA 360. Cinematography I

THEA 362. Motion Picture Lighting

THEA 406. Screenwriting II

THEA 440. Costume Editing for Film and Television (Note: Enrollment is limited to Theatre majors only)

THEA 454. Directing for the Screen II

THEA 450. Editing II

THEA 460. Cinematography II

THEA 461. Sound Design for Cinema II

THEA 463. Writing from Stage to Screen

THEA 479. Costume Design for Film and Television